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3 Amazing Online Business That Can Make You Rich

For everyone who ask if he cans live from the money that he makes online, I will just answer YES.
Today and with the amazing technology inventions and especially internet, all the world become related to each other.
So imaging 7 Billions peoples related and located in the same place, imaging if you can get just 1% of them to buy a product from you or to visit your blog: 7000000000 x 1/100, that's mean:
70000000 visits to your blog or 70000000 sales or 70000000 impressions or 70000000 clicks on google adsense ads in your blog.... .
All this with just 1% of peoples in the world so why you say that it's impossible to live with online money.

Ok, let's back to our topic, On the internet there are many ways to make money online but we will talk just about the ways and the business that can make you rich and make thousands of dollars or maybe more.

1- Blogging

However, there are thousands of blogs online maybe because anyone can create a blog and start make money even if he doesn't have any experience.
The best thing in blogging is you can write what you want (feelings,opinions,truths,advises,lessons, tutorials, recipes ....) it's a large world with unlimited doors so you can choose what you want and what you're good at.
Now, let's talk about how to create your blog and make it successful. First you should choose one of blogging services like: blogger, wordpress, joomla ... .
Nb: If you don't have money and you choose to start with free domain it's better to create your free blog on blogger then when you make some money you can choose between staying in blogger or moving to another service.
After you create your blog you must pass to the second step which I explain it in past posts:
Also you can read these posts about the 3rd step: making money:

2- Affiliate Marketing

The best thing in Affiliate Marketing is you can make money with it without a blog that's mean less effort in building a blog, writing posts , getting traffic ... .
If this is the first time you read about affiliate marketing: Affiliate Marketing is selling other's products and getting a commission for every sales.
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3- Sell your Own Product

If you want to make Ultra Income this business is the best for you, Selling your own product mean that you will write many books, videos, lessons ... then sell it online or put it in one of affiliate marketing websites, so peoples will sell your product to get commission from it.
The difference between affiliate marketing and selling your own product is: in the first business you will just sell the product that's mean you will not send it to the buyer or pay taxes but in selling your own product you will do all this.

So the conclusion is:
Affiliate Marketing = Efforts + Money
Selling your own product = Ultra Efforts + Ultra Money

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