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5 Killer Ways To Get Approved In Google Adsense

5 Killer Ways To Get Approved In Google Adsense
How To Get Approved in Google Adsense? this the question of many new bloggers especially for peoples who join blogging world for the first time.
So After he joins this big world the first thing any blogger will do is thinking about making money from his blog, how to do it, what are the best ways to make money ? how much time I need ? and if I will make thousands of dollars or just a little amount of $$$ .
If you notice, the most of blogs you access everyday contain ads and the most of these blogs use Google Adsense.

But in this post we will talk about the disapproved blogs from adsense program, the reasons and what are the solution especially we know that google adsense allow you to resubmit you application after solving the problem.

1- Write Rich Content

Maybe you read this tip in many other blogs but i'm sure that you don't know how to write rich content especially if the topic of blog (maybe) difficult.
So what I mean by rich content is writing the points and information that peoples search for. For example many bloggers talk about somethings which has no relation with the topic of the post.
The result here, the reader will regret in accessing to your blog and he will decides to never do it again, even if he searches for something and found your blog in the first page of google he will not enter because he take a bad idea of your blog.
And all this is not in your favor if you want to apply for google adsense, so before you do it make sure to write good content because in blogging "Content Is King".

2- Minimum Number of Posts

We still in content, Many bloggers (like me) apply for google adsense with a little number of posts in the blog so the final result is google will disapprove your blog for this reason "Little Number Of Content" (or something else), when I apply for google adsense (before 3 days) this blog contain 5 articles, I was sure that they will not accept my application but trying will not hurt anyone.
So I'm trying now to write the maximum number of posts per day before the holiday finish and we back to school -_-, I will tell you when they accept my blog.

3- Design

The second most important thing in your blog (after content) is design, Let's take an example: I visit this blog today while I search for some adsense tips but i found this in the top of the blog:
Without reading any word I close the tab and take a look in the other websites.
The same thing can happen to you if you don't get a good template, it's not important if it's paid or free template just it must be good, I think it's not difficult to find a free and elegant theme.
Design is like clothes so choose beautiful clothes for your blog and don't let peoples see it naked.

4- Copyrighted Materials

copyrighted materialsThis is why I stop writing in my past blog and I decided to create another blog, when i apply for google adsense they refuse my blog with the reason "Copyrighted Materials" but the problem is all my posts are exclusive and not copied from any other source. This reason face many bloggers even if they write all their posts and never copy anything from other blogs.
Now let's talk about the second half of bloggers [The Popular Half] this kind of peoples never make an effort in writing or searching topics for their posts because everything is ready in the other blogs and what they do is transferring these posts using the popular strategy [Copy-Paste].
If you do this, don't worry because google will put you in the blacklist and your blog will never see the sunlight, also don't expect that a blog can become successful with this way.

5- Add These Pages To Your Blog

Many bloggers neglect the {About,Contact Us,Privacy Policy,Terms of Use} pages, but they don't know that google will never accept you without finding these pages in your blog.
About: For google if you don't have an About Page that's mean you don't want to build a relation between you and your visitors, So if you don't have this page you can just save time and not apply to adsense.
Contact Us: When you have the Contact Us page google know that you're serious and care about your readers/visitors more than money. Also this page is important if one of your visitors want to tell you something,has a tip,suggestion... .
Privacy Policy And Term Of Use: And finally these are the two most important pages it's like a deal between you and your readers to know what you do and what you don't, for example if you will share their email or not, you will send them annoying ads or not..., also it contain what they should do and what not.

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