mardi 17 décembre 2013

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Why Does The Most Of New Bloggers Fail in Blogging

The beginning always is the hardest part in anything. But in blogging it make a big difference in your blogging way, so if you create a good plan on how you will build your successful blog and make it number one you will find the beginning easy and funny.
And if you continue like that the result will be positive, and you will live the happiest moment in any blogger life: "The First Income", yes the day you get your first earnings from your blog you will feel that your efforts had not been lost in vain so this will give you and big push to the front.
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So if all this wait any blogger, why the most of them fail ?
If we ask any blogger who didn't make any money from his blog "how much time he keep trying before giving up" his answer will be between 1 month to 6 months, so i want to ask you a question: "Why do you expect that you will succeed and make money overnight?" Do you give the world something new with your blog ? the answer will be NO , Do you tell the world about your blog ? the answer also NO, How you make money from blogging ? the answer will be By getting visitors to click on the ads on my blog, Do you get them? Also No.
So tell me Why your blog will make money in this short period while the other blogs fail ?, No Answer.

I give you these advises as a friend not as a professional blogger because i'm like you, i fail in making money until today after more than 2 years of trying this, and after more than 10 blogs. But the difference between us is I don't give up, if i fail the first time i will try second, if i fail i will try third, if i fail will try forth.... until i succeed.

My name is Amine, I start blogging when i was 14, in 1st February 2014 i will become 17. Maybe you notice that i'm young or maybe you're 20 or 25 or more [Nice to Meet You] but my problem here is I don't have money to spend it on blogging, that's why the domain of the blog is a free domain, but even with this i believe that "I Can Do It" so i will keep trying until i make my first income to spend it on my blog. Maybe i should wait to 2015 or 2016 because i'm under 18 and in my country i can get a credit card until i get 18.

I hope you read the previous paragraph carefully, also i hope you don't close the blog becose i'm younger than you :p
you can notice many thing in the previous paragraph, for example:
- I create more than 10 failure blogs but i keep trying
- I Have 3 years trying and i don't give up
- I know why i don't succeed: because the blog created with free domain, because the other bloggers who have blogs with the same niche spend thousands of dollars to make their blogs in the top and get thousands of visitors per day.

The final word i want to say is we should delete the "impossible" word from our head because if there are other peoples who make money from blogging why you cannot, and if there are number one blogs why your blog not between these blogs.This my goal: making my blog in the top.

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