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How Can You Get Peoples To Care About Your Blog ? [3 Advises]

no one care about your blog
No One Care About Your Blog ?, you're not alone this is the problem of many bloggers who search and write 2 or 3 topics per day but they don't get visitors who care about the blog. but as any problem always there is solution.
In this new post i will give you some advises to get visitors to care about your blog.

1- Get your visitor's emails

This is what we call it Email Marketing, with this strategy you will get returning visitors who want to read more about your blog and visit it everyday to see what's new. 
It's not easy to make someone give you his email because many peoples don't like the annoying newsletters which ask you to buy something or to promote a product or to visit a link and sometimes they send more than 5 emails per day so that's why it's not easy to get a visitor's email.
So the question here: if visitors don't want to give me their email what should i do ?, i will talk about this in the second advice.
But before this let's talk more about email marketing and why to spend money, time and efforts to get these emails. First of all you can say that you build a good relation between you and your visitors because you will send them email to make them remember your blog, also you can get some ideas how can you transform these email to money machine (i will tell you how in next posts).

2- Give Free Stuffs

Peoples from all the countries of the world like free stuffs especially if they want to learn about it, for example if you have a blog about cooking, the best thing to do is giving your visitors a free cooking Ebook with some recipes and after this you will see the big number of downloads but if you put this ebook as a paid product peoples will not care about it because there are thousands of other ebooks like yours and all are Free.
So how this will help you getting emails ?, it's very simple, just add an email newsletter and write an autoresponder to send the download link of your ebook to everyone who write and verify his email. So you will not put the download link on your blog but you will send it by email to everyone give you his email. 
The second step is to use your email list to build a good relation between your visitors.
nb: You can use Aweber, it's the Email Marketing Service Number One in the world

3- Be Friendly

Your relation with your visitors should be like a friend and his friend and not like a blogger and his visitor, and one of the best ways to do that is using your facebook page by sharing funny pictures and videos in the same topic as your blog.
Second way is to answer your visitors questions, because if someone asks you about something so you're professional for him and one of the big fault many bloggers do is they ignore their visitors questions and messages.
Third way is to allow your visitors to ask questions on your facebook page then write a topic or record a video to answer these questions and don't forget to mention the name of the asker (this will add credibility to your blog).

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