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Why And How To Create A Privacy Policy Page

privacy policy
Privacy Policy page is some information for your visitors about their security, for example if you will share their personnel information or no, if they will be secure in your blog or not, if you will send them spam emails or not and how you store their information... .

If you notice the most of websites/blogs contain these pages: About- Contact Us- Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use. These page make visitors and search engines know that you're serious and care about privacy in your blog, so you will earn 2 things

  1. the confidence of your readers
  2. the confidence of search engines, and this is one of the rules you should follow in Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

How to create A Privacy Policy Page

In the beginning and when you read the privacy policy in one of websites maybe you will not understand anything (like me), also maybe you will say "I can't do it, How Should I create this Page!!".

But even if it's difficult you should try. Let's begin.

What A Privacy Policy Page Should Contain:

  • It should be Brief: When you write this page you must make in mind that a privacy policy page is not too long and not too short.
  • Make it visible for everyone: The important is not to write a privacy page then hide it, the important is everyone can see it and read it, so this will give you a better chance to get accepted in Adsense and search engines
  • Talk about Privacy in your blog: What I Mean with privacy in your blog is you must cover all the bases and the important points for example: how you save your visitors information, who can take a look on their personnel information, If third-party advertisers in your site will use their information or not ...
  • Some results: what kind of damage your visitor can get (like hacking their info)

It's complicated right ? don't worry I have another method 

How To generate a Privacy Policy Page

The best thing is you can get a ready privacy policy page using this website or this
or you can search in google "Generate Privacy Policy Page"

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