samedi 14 décembre 2013

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The Best Way To Start Blogging

"The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing", this what Walt Disney said.
I notice that hundreds of peoples search in google about the best way to start blogging, or they ask the other bloggers: How Can i start blogging and make money ?.
So as i said in the beginning of this post there is no secret to start blogging, the only secret that make difference between bloggers is the GOAL.
If your dream is building a successful blog the first thing you should do is stop dreaming and wake up, then open your computer,connect to internet and create your first blog. So with this step you can say "i put my feet in the first stair".
After this amazing step don't expect that your new blog will start making thousands of dollars from the first week, if you're lucky you will earn some tens of dollars.

Always Keep Trying:
Let's take an example: I don't succeed in making money since 2010, but i don't give up and today i create this new blog which i call it Netisia Blogging after more than 10 fail blogs. Yes 10 fail blogs! you can say that we are similar, both of us didn't succeed in making money but we don't give up.
And i still dream of the day that one of my blogs become number one in its niche, in that day i will create a new blog post and i will name it: Finally i Succeed!!.

So if this is the first time you read a post on my blog don't hesitate to search this post on the blog, if you don't find it that's mean i don't succeed yet but i'm sure that i will succeed one day.

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