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Some Advises To Use Your Emails List

Some Advises To Use Your Emails List
in the past posts i talked about how can you get peoples to care about your blog, also I wrote some information about Email Marketing and how important using it in blogging.
And I remember that i promised you to write a new post on what you can use the Emails list you get by offering free stuffs or something else (use you mind).

- Get Loyal Visitors

Any normal user will visit many websites per day so it can be difficult for him to remembers your blog especially if he visits it for the first time, so there is a big chance that you will not see him again.
Now, you can avoid all this by getting his email using the way i give it to you in the past post, I will refresh your memory: as i said you can get your visitors return to your blog by getting their emails, HOW ? anyone like free stuffs/gifts so why you don't give them for example a free ebook to download, MAKE SURE to give this ebook just for who join your Mailing List.
you can use aweber as an email marketing service
An Idea: you can make a pop up window that appear for first time visitors.
After that all you should do is sending a new email to your list to suggest them to read the new post on your blog, give them free advises, send them free ebooks and promote them paid products that can help them.
The last strategy is called Affiliate Marketing (the next advice), if you become professional in this way you can earn thousands of dollars from it, And i want to tell you that many bloggers and marketers live in selling products online using Their email list.
=> The Money Is In The List

- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is selling others products or services online with a commission (10%, 20%, 70%....) that's mean you'll make money by selling others products on your blog, using social media or by email marketing. In this point we will just talk about how to use email marketing in making money from affiliate.
SO, after applying all the past advises and points you will be able to build a large email list, but don't forget to write autoresponders regularly. Before you decide to send a product to your email list you must make them trust you, and you can do this by doing what i said in the past point (send the some free advises, free products that help them, answer their questions, give them what they need, and all this by email). If you finish this you can pass to the next level: send paid products to your visitors that can help them to solve their problems.
NB: it's better to create a Landing Page for this product then send traffic to this page which contain some photos,videos and information about this product, also don't forget to put your mailing box to send visitors to paying page after they join your newsletter.

- Increase your social media pages

take this short idea:
you can add your social media links (facebook page,twitter...) in the end of your autoresponders, so you will take more chances that your email subscribers will decide to Like you facebook page or follow you in twitter.

- Get Tons of Traffics

Another short idea:
When you write a new post then you send an email to your subscribers to suggest them to read your blog to see what's new, your blog will get more and better traffic because these visitors are loyal and these peoples we call them: Returning Visitors

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