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5 Ideas To Make Your Blog More Powerful On Sunday

5 Ideas To Make Your Blog More Powerful On Sunday
Why I precise Sunday ?, because many bloggers don't write on their blogs on Sunday, they take it as a holiday.

There is no problem to take a holiday to refresh your mind, be more impressive and creator, for example you can travel or go out with family/friends.
This is not our topic today, Because we will talk on how to get some minutes from your day to make your blog more powerful,get more traffic/backlinks and to make more money. You can apply this method if you don't write on your blog on Sunday.

- Tell your readers about your day 

On Sunday, many bloggers use it to go out with friends or family so you can also get your Laptop,tablet or smartphone with you and share your moments on Facebook with your readers. So this will make them feel like you care about them and they are your friends. You can share photos,videos,status or what you want just don't make this day pass without sharing anything with your fans.
Another idea, Why you don't invite your readers to go out with you?, good idea isn't it ? for example you can tell them that you will eat something in that restaurant [the name of the restaurant] and you'll be very happy if they join you... . I will let you choose your words.

- Get Some Traffic and New Visitors

Even if you have many things to do in Sunday, i'm sure that you will have some free time so why you don't use this free time in sharing your blog URL in other blogs or forums, getting more fans and followers, getting more subscribers in your email list....

- Use it to Make more Money

I know it's Sunday, but It will be good to use some free time or get some minutes to make money.
Idea: You can search on one of Affiliate Marketing programs like Clickbank,Amazon... for a product that seem helpful for your readers than write a review or send a newsletter (sending newsletter is better) for your your subscribers to describe the product for them and in what it will help them... .

- Write A list of topics to write it in that week

the most common problem between bloggers is that they don't find about what they should write the new post, so you can also get some minutes to think about some useful topics [6 topics will be good] then organize these topics with days.
Example: Monday-- The Topic of Post
Tuesday-- The Topic of post

- Do some Changes and Fixes

Any blog need to fix somethings like design, pages,posts, organize gadgets...
so it will be good to take care of your blog and make it look excellent for visitors

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